April 2017 - My First 365 by Lisa Briand

April was definitely a much more inspiring month for me. In part because at the end of the month I went to Insta Inspire which was an amazing opportunity for me to meet and learn from fellow photographers. It was so nice to have a weekend to just focus on learning. In fact, I have a couple of days this month where I am sharing two pictures because I just couldn't choose one!

March 2017 - My First 365 by Lisa Briand

In March I was working on a daily macro/nature project that took some of my energy away from my 365. I don't love a lot of the images but I pushed through and took one each day. Despite this, some of my images from this month are all time favorites so that makes it all worth it. 

February 2017 - My First 365 by Lisa Briand

For my 365, I am trying to focus on images of my boys. I love nature photography but I feel like I will not be pushing myself if I fall back on macro too often. Here are my images from February.