October 2017 - My First 365 by Lisa Briand

This month was really tough. I'm definitely feeling a bit burnt out with this project but I'm determined to stick with it. Hopefully next month I will push through and find more inspiration. We had some fun times this month though and here is a glimpse into our world. 

September 2017- My First 365 by Lisa Briand

This month was by far the toughest yet. I missed two days in a row because things were nuts at work and many of these pictures are taken in the half hour before school or bed but I am pushing through!

August 2017 - My First 365 by Lisa Briand

I didn't miss a single day in August! The past couple of months I have missed a day here and there and although I have not gotten too down about it, I'm pretty excited to be back on track this month. 

My First Gallery Exhibit by Lisa Briand

I decided this summer to start entering my work in juried art contests and one of the images that I submitted to my first contest was selected! The exhibit is called "Animalia" and my image Quiet Contemplation was chosen to be one of 51 images shown out of 822 submitted! If you happen to be in Johnson City, TX between September 15-October 29th, stop by and see it. 


June Macro by Lisa Briand

Since I am trying to focus my 365 mostly on images of my boys, I am going to try to post my nature photography faves separately each month. Here are my favorites from June.